The Recovery Education Unit


     In association with the National Paranoia Network

The Maastricht Interview: Social and biographical approaches to voice hearing and problematic thoughts, beliefs & paranoia –

a lived experience perspective

Two separate three day workshops 

Dates: 9th, 10th & 11th March, Maastricht interview for voice hearing

23rd, 24th & 25th October , Maastricht interview for problematic thoughts, beliefs & paranoia


Course details: The course encourages practitioners to explore the experience of voice hearing and/or problematic thoughts and build trust, openness and understanding in their work with people who hear voices. It will enable practitioners to:

Assist people to overcome the shame of talking about voices or problematic thoughts

Acknowledge and validate the experience of voice hearing and other experiences

Support people to overcome feelings of shame related to talking about voices or problematic thoughts

Support the person to gain a better understanding of why they hear voices or experience problematic thoughts.


Who is it for? This course is designed for professionals who are working in mental health and psychiatric services such as social workers, support workers, nurses, psychiatrists,     psychologists and psychotherapists.  The course is accessible for people in part or full-time work. It consists of  two separate three day workshops, one for hearing voices and one for problematic thoughts, beliefs and paranoia.

Course facilitators: The course is facilitated by Peter Bullimore and The Recovery Education Unit.

Peter Bullimore is a voice hearer who spent ten years as a psychiatric patient enduring many bouts of severe paranoia. Through learning holistic approaches and with support of the Hearing Voices Network he was able to reclaim his life from the system.

He facilitates a hearing voices and paranoia support group in Sheffield. He also runs his own training and consultancy agency, Asylum Associates, and is the founder member of the Paranoia Network.

The Recovery Education Unit is based at Fulwood House in Sheffield and is part of Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust.

We are a small team of mental health workers and service users and our courses are designed to challenge traditional notions and promote contemporary thinking about mental health practice.

We focus on what it is really like to experience mental health problems and be on the receiving end of services, and how we can recover.

All our courses are funded by Health Education Yorkshire & Humber (Specialist Skills Development) and open to application from people using services and staff in the Yorkshire and Humber region. (You may be eligible for funding, please contact us for further information).


Price £350 for 3 days, a small number of places are funded by Health Education Yorkshire specialist skills development (please contact us for details.)


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