This course is normally a two-year course The Recovery Education Unit teaches the (1st) Certificate and (2nd) Diploma years. For those who wish to go on, the final year of the Masters course is taught at Sheffield Hallam University, Faculty of Health and Well Being.

The curriculum is designed to move from an exploration of the foundations of modern mental health care, to an understanding of current responses to people with mental health problems and their families.

It examines psychological approaches and acknowledges the impact of social attitudes and organisations in relation to mental health.

Recovery principles permeate the curriculum and value based thinking are central to the course.

Knowledge and skill development are assessed by the submission of four assignments per year. One module each year is delivered by Sheffield Hallam University, Critical Thinking   (year 1) and Research Methods for Practice (year 2)

It has been great to be informed and have time to reflect on the subject and how recovery principles can be applied in practice. Clinical supervision has given me confidence to apply new knowledge to practice.”


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